Self Schooling exists to alert students to the triple reality that:

  • The skills developed by the 300-year old STEM curriculum have been taken over by machine learning. Algebra is the Latin of the 21st century.
  • The same computers that have unleashed machine learning have also, fortunately, enabled an alternate curriculum path aligned to the realities of the world we now live in.
  • The younger students are when they take control of their learning, the more they will prosper in the 21st century.

Just Say "No" To Rest-of-Life Learning

Schools actually recognize that STEM is a throwaway curriculum and that students will have to reboot themselves as soon as they get out in the world. They package this recognition in what they, somewhat cynically, call “life long learning.” What they are really talking about is “rest-of-life learning,” imploring students to take control of their own learning, but not yet.

Students who cede control of their learning for the whole of their K-12 years will never get it back. By then their habits of thought will be bedded in for life and they will be the habits needed for success in a machine age, not in the age they are fated to graduate into.

To see how well rest-of-life learning works, students need only look at their own mathematics teachers. How many of them are successful rest-of-life learners, having made the transition, for example, from teaching the old Numbers Science techniques of algebra, geometry, and calculus to teaching the Data Science maths like neural networks, cellular automata, and genetic algorithms?

You cannot see these new Data Science maths at work in any textbook, of course. They live inside computers. But you can see them, up close and personal, in the Self Schooling apps.

Be Ye Alive Or Be Ye Dead?

STEMinists do not tell you this, but their curriculum teaches what it means to be dead: what it means, for example, to be a planet or a polynomial. Understanding dead objects requires step-at-a-time habits of thought because that is how these objects go about their business. Or it just requires machine learning. Today’s computers master this stuff in the blink of an eye.

Thriving in the 21st century requires knowing, at a deep level, what it means to be alive: what it means to be, for example, a protein or a political system. Understanding life requires all-at-once habits of thought because that is how life plays the game. Computers are essential because the unaided human mind cannot keep track of  the Big Data that life produces.

The sooner students get on the life curriculum path, the better adapted their habits of thought will be. Age four is not too soon.