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"Education consists in the formation of wide-awake, careful, thorough habits of thought." Dewey

Fine, but which ones? Your parents had no choice. They took the courses their bricks-and-books education required and ended up with the habits of thought that those subjects (think polynomials and long division) installed in their neurons. Now, thanks to that laptop in your backpack, you can see in advance how your school is fixing to do the same to you—or your child—before it does it.

What Is a "Habit Of Thought?"

A habit of thought is a way of going about our daily problem-solving that gets bedded in so deep we forget it's even there.


Habits are another way in which your conscious and unconscious brain activities are seamlessly integrated ... Habit formation is a godsend .. It allows your conscious mind to work elsewhere. source


Habits are installed like computer viruses: as the payload of curriculum materials advertising themselves as something else. Algebra is the poster child of this stealth mechanism for installing one-step-at-a-time habits of thought. René Descartes was totally upfront about this subterfuge.


It was not the case that this [step-at-a-time] part of our method was invented for the purpose of dealing with mathematical problems, but rather that mathematics should be studied almost solely for the purpose of training us in this method. (René Descartes)


Thoughts are born free. Must we everywhere put them in chains: chains of "reasoning?" No. The old algebraic habits of thought help us understand what it means to be dead, but they cripple the true understanding of what it means to be alive.

Three Payloads You Do Not Want In Your Neurons.

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  • Mal-Appropriate STEM Payload Number One: The Top•Down Habit Of Thought
  • Mal-Appropriate STEM Payload Number Two: Believing That “It Works Because It’s True.”
  • Mal-Appropriate STEM Payload Number Three: Pretending There Is Virtue In Number

Self Schooling the Book can show you how to keep these payloads out of your neurons, replacing them with the habits you will actually need in the 21st century.