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Self Schooling Launches eLearning Environment for K-12 Students

Modernized Curriculum, Web Site, Apps, Books Provide STEM Alternative to Better Prepare Students for 21st Century Economic and Social Success

BOSTON, August 14, 2017 – Self Schooling, an advocate for - and creator of - a radically refocused K-12 curriculum stance that supersedes the old STEM skills which are being taken over wholesale by machine learning, today launched an eLearning portal to help students reposition themselves for the reality of an alarming new job market.

The Self Schooling Web site,, set of apps, and books moves the focus to the forward-looking BEADS subjects of Biology, Ecology, Algorithms, Data, and Society. This computer-based alternative to the so-called STEM curriculum helps self-motivated students develop intellectual skills and approaches that are fully attuned to evolution and adaptation in problem solving, rather than the “single answer to a single problem” that STEM offers. Self Schooling recognizes that, in a world where traditional careers are just grist for the machine learning mill, it is time to change what we teach, not just how we teach.

Education for the Next 300 Years

Current school curriculum is based on theories and subjects that are nearly 300 years old. Self Schooling, a computer-based initiative, offers a curriculum purpose-built for the next 300 years of human history – a curriculum that better prepares students for the reality of an evolving job market that prizes the ability to connect, comprehend, analyze and act on a variety of topics, as opposed to learning outmoded skills by rote that have limited applicability in a job market that is increasingly reliant on skills than can be “machine learned.” 

“Algebra is the Latin of the 21st century and unfortunately current school curriculum serves only to ‘put lipstick on a trig,’” said James Bailey, Founder, Self Schooling. “The skills developed by the 300-year old STEM curriculum have been taken over by machine learning. 

The same computers that have unleashed machine learning have also, fortunately, enabled an alternate curriculum path aligned to the realities of the world we now live in. The younger students are when they take control of their learning, the more they will prosper in the 21st century.”

About James Bailey

James Bailey is a long-time technologist based in New England, who has written extensively on the intersection of technology, human thought and education, and what it means for young learners today and the future of American competitiveness.  Bailey is the author of several books, essays and articles including Self Schooling, Data Stories, and After Thought: The Computer Challenge to Human Intelligence.  He is also a sought-after speaker on the future of education and technology. The creator of the BEADS curriculum concept, Bailey has built a credible framework for how this theory works in real-world practice and how today’s STEM focus is a limiting and not especially viable long-term solution to teaching kids how to be valuable workers in a world that is increasingly overcome by rote machine-learning.

 About Self Schooling

Self Schooling, headquartered in Boston and founded in 2016, is a completely new approach designed to replace, not supplement, STEM. The Self Schooling concept and tools better prepare students to function in the reality of a bifurcated job market in which most jobs are chore-level tasks easily handled by machine learning but the richest and most rewarding careers involve levels of learning and thought processing far beyond what rote STEM curriculum teaches.  Self Schooling and BEADS are reality-based learning, which means that the skills taught by these methods reflect the state of society and the needs of the global economy as they exist today and that are adaptable to the evolving needs of the world economy.

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