by James Bailey |

Google Earthâ„¢ was a huge advance in two ways. First, it allows users to start at the scale of the whole earth and then zoom smoothly in to the scale of a single landscape or even a single house. Second, and most dramatically, it lets the user choose the exact place to zoom to. Books cannot do that. This post cannot do that. And entreaties that the target chosen can stand in for the one you, dear reader, would have chosen, is evasive. The earth as a whole is the same for all of us; "F=MA" is the same for all of us; the millions of individual landscapes are each unique and need to be addressed on their own terms.

That said, the accompanying video invites you to zoom to one landscape ecology among millions, but one that has been in the news lately because it has the only offshore wind turbines in North America. Next we will go into that landscape and se how its ecology might behave.

To be continued.


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