STEM & Blurred Life

Yes, you really must choose. If you wait till you have finished learning what it means to be dead, you will never - repeat never - be truly clear about what it means to be alive. There is a chasm between the two ways of thinking that are required.

STEM teaches your mind to think in unchanging generalizations ("is, was, and ever shall be") and to leave the particulars for later. It teaches you to take things apart and focus on the pieces one at a time (think of all the hours you've spent factoring polynomials.) Life wants no part of that. It is on a mission of its own.


in biology, almost nothing is universal. source

Life is an offensive, directed against the repetitious mechanism of the universe.           source


If you don't take control of your developing habits of thought, and do it early on, your bricks-and-books schools will do it for you, and you know where they are headed.