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The mission of the annual Para Limes Conference at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore is to:


Organize and execute explorations in complexity with world-class scientists, philosophers, artists, policy makers and (wo)men of practice, with the purpose to find new concepts and approaches to deal with the complexity of our world. source


At the 2017 Conference James Bailey introduced the reasons why the habits of thought of the complexity community need to drive the K-12 curriculum for all students in the 21st century. The outline of his talk:

1. Every Schools Curriculum Is a Trojan Horse (Habits Are the Payload)

2. Your Habits Of Thought Are Your Firmware

3. The Complexity Community Embodies the Right Habits Of Thought For All Of Us In the 21st Century

4. We Can Deliver These Habits Inside a Life Science Curriculum

  •  K-5: Data Readiness
  •  Middle School: Data Science
  •  High School: Biology, Ecology, Algorithms, Data & Society (BEADS)

5. History Says It Won't Happen

  • August 26, 1572
  • April 26, 1922

6. Competition Says It Won't Happen