Meet In the Middle

The Great Intellectual Adventure Of Our Time. (Don't Wait Until College.)

You have fought the old STEMinist habits of thought to a draw at this point in your schooling. You are procedurally literate and have tasted Big Data. Now is the time to double down on both serious literature and serious brain science. Take this voyage of discovery before your freshman year at college, while your habits of thought are still under your control.

Great Literature Brings Us Inside Our Minds As a Whole.

Jane Eyre Brown 200x290

Our behavior is what emerges from the interaction of all the elements of our brains working in parallel. Great writers have sensed this reality for centuries. They give us a unique look at how it all comes together. You can see for yourself by taking MOOCs like The Fiction Of Relationship or Modern and Contemporary Poetry (both reviewed in some detail in Self Schooling the Book,) but you don't actually need to. Just team up with your English teacher. And read. Perhaps your teacher can help you create an independent study course built around literature MOOCs like these two. Either way, as Prof. Weinstein reminds us in the Fiction of Relationship MOOC, you will be in for:


 something of a voyage … It’s a voyage that goes inward into you ... Literature itself is extraordinarily privileged as a source of vision to us..."


Brain Science Starts Deep Inside That Brain Of Yours. And Works Out.

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You don't need MOOCs for literature, but you do need them for brain science, because your bricks-and-books schools don't teach it yet. Self Schooling the Book takes you through three of the best, where you will be treated to the ultimate selfie: watching as brain neurons fire, or don't fire, in response to the world around us. These courses will make you sweat, and you won't make it through them all without procedural literacy, but they will install the habits of thought that you need for the 21st century. Get Self Schooling the Book, download the Companion App, and sign up for the MOOCs. You owe it to your self.

Self Schooling the Book  and Its Companion App Are Your Guides.

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All schooling installs habits of thought that you will live inside for the rest of your days. Since you cannot avoid your bricks-and-books schooling entirely, it pays to know what it is fixing to do to you before it does. Self Schooling the Book and the Self Schooling Companion App first take you behind the scenes of STEM schooling to show you where it leads your habits of thought, then introduce the alternative that will put you in far better stead. Remember, the mind that's being made up is yours.

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